Living in New York feels a little like you're constantly traveling. Just when you think you know the place, you turn a corner and it's a completely different world. I don't how I've missed this place considering it's been here since the 80's but based on reactions to the earlier photo I posted, it seems like I'm not the only one. The Conservatory Garden doesn't enjoy as many people as the Mall or the Boat House, but that's what makes this part of Central Park special. The weather's just getting to be perfect enough to read a book on the benches that seem to be designed for that (no bench is ever placed next to another) or sit under the most amazing pergola and listen to the leaves rustle. Keep in mind that this is a designated quiet zone and that the locals are (rightfully) protective of this place --a woman made the unfortunate mistake of stepping on planting and got an earful! The garden closes next month for the winter, so drop by if you can. See more information on Central Park's website here.