Sometimes, it doesn't matter how many spring dresses you pack, or how many sun hats you bring along (I packed two). Life isn't going to give two hoots about how much you've heard about the famous California weather and especially how you planned to spend the entire weekend outdoors. That's how we found ourselves at the tail end of the rainiest week San Francisco has had in long time.  

Luckily, we're not the types to let a little bit of water stand in the way of our wandering. Hats off to both our brothers and their wives who went along with our plans good naturedly the entire weekend. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to (architecture) nerd out in Saint Mary's Cathedral, goof around by Lombard Street taking earthquake photos, or stand in awe at the Palace of Fine Arts. Even against a temporarily gloomy backdrop, San Francisco was beautiful and still a place I know I'd want to come back to.

Funnily enough, hours just before we left, the skies parted briefly long enough to give us a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, you tease. I'll be back.