One of the more memorable conversations I’ve had on this trip was how Iceland felt like the start of the world – seemingly new and untouched, and not a single soul in sight trying to sell you a souvenir. Jökulsárlón was so serene that if you waited long enough, you could actually hear the ice crack or the occasional seal taking a swim.

In reality though, these glaciers have been around for thousands of years. While this idea hasn’t been around for as long as these glaciers have, it feels like it’s been years in the making. It only seems fitting that this trip birth the start of this new project. You can’t imagine how glad I am to have a new outlet to share my constant hunt for inspiration, travels, design successes (and even failures!). This is hopefully just the tip of the iceberg.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their kind words on the first few posts. Thanks for dropping by as I begin documenting these small adventures!